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May 2019
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What you need to know is that I was NEVER a runner.

My motto was, “I only run if I am being chased“. Then in July 2016, a new work fitness app catapulted me into running. My company launched a wellness app and created a contest to walk up to 30,000 steps a day for 8 weeks. Being a senior leader in the organization, I was captain of a 5 person team. My team was all runners but I was not. So I would get up and walk before work from 4am-6am and then after work from 8pm-10pm. After about 4 weeks, I felt like I had built up my endurance and was tired of walking in the dark. Therefore, I was motivated and bought a very used treadmill and started to walk/run. After another 4 weeks, I was able to run a mile without stopping on the treadmill. I was so excited. I never ran a mile without stopping since elementary school. After 8 weeks of the contest, my team ended up winning 3rd place overall in the company for most steps taken. By now, I had built up a nice aerobic base, could run a mile, and thought maybe I should try a 5K.

Thanksgiving 2016, I ran a local un-chipped Turkey Trot 5K. My main goal was to finish without walking. I didn’t know what a good time was, kept time on my iPhone, and finished in 29m55s. I DID IT! I felt so accomplished, sweaty, out of breath but I DID IT! That got me hooked into running 5Ks. Starting in Jan 2017, my daughter and I ran our first chipped 5K and we placed 1st our age groups. We then raced two 5Ks a month for 12 months. We won in our age groups about 50% of the time and got a little faster. BUT we were new to running and no one told us all the mistakes we made along the way. I really wish someone had been there to coach/direct us. I think I would have had fewer injuries, we would have learned how to run more efficiently and faster, and feel more connected to the running industry.

So after 3 years of running, I decided there was a need to help new runners get a great start on their running journey or recreational runners who want to meet a new goal, a new distance, or just understand how to train for a race.

So why Catapult Running?

We are here to help you go further! And the definition of further is up to YOU!

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